Garment Marking Chalk



These products are suitable for marking virtually all textiles unless of a delicate nature and are removed by light brushing. Available in WHITE, YELLOW, RED, BLACK or ASSORTMENTS. Supplied in either TRIANGLE, OBLONG or AXEHEAD shape. Packed in printed display boxes containing either 100, 50, 25 or 12 pieces.
Chalk Sharpener

Standard pencil design, they are used in the same way as marking chalk and are removed by light brushing. Available in a range of 4 colours. These pencils are also produced in GREEN FLUORESCENT colour for use with an ultra-violet light. Packed 10 PENCILS per display box. Also available in bulk packs of 144 full-length or 288 half-length pencils.

Retail Pack

Suitable for use in conjunction with perforated type paper lays. Available in WHITE, YELLOW, RED, BLUE, BLACK, PRESS-OFF and FRENCH CHALK. Some materials require increased amounts of adhesive in the powders, in which case use a higher number product code. Also available in GREEN FLUORESCENT for use with an ultra violet light. Packed by weight in plastic bags into a printed carton.


Ideal for maintaining the important edge on all marking chalks. Packed 1 sharpener in a clam style blister pack.

Professional Tailors Chalk for the home dressmaker, the marks are normally removed by light brushing. Packed with one piece WHITE and one piece YELLOW triangle chalk per carton for peg-board or counter display. Packed 10 cartons per counter display box.

Supplied with 3 half-length pencils on a printed display card, 12 cards to an outer box. Or alternatively 10 full-length pencils in a printed box. Colours available are WHITE, YELLOW, RED, BLUE or GREEN FLUORESCENT (full-length only). Also available in bulk packs of 144 full-length or 288 half-length pencils.

VANISHING Blue and White felt tip pens, which are air reactive, are suitable for use on Rayon, synthetic materials and other delicate fabrics. Both coloured pen marks will normally vanish naturally in about 3-5 days or immediately with water or by using the eraser on only the blue pens. Packed in boxes of 6 blue felt-tip pens or 5 white pens or 5 blue double-ended pens with an eraser.

VANISHING White oblong crayons which are air/temperature reactive, the mark will automatically vanish after 3-5 days at normal room temperature of 15 deg C. Packed 50 pieces to a box.

PRESS OFF is suitable for use on most fabrics, it is specially formulated so that the marks will disappear when the garment is pressed by a steam iron. Available in WHITE OBLONG shape or as a WHITE POWDER. Marks made with these markers are more easily removed from delicate fabrics than those made with either chalk or wax. Packed 50 PIECES per box or 1 KILO powder pack.

SUBLIMATING can be used on most materials, particularly those of a delicate nature. The marks will automatically disappear from the cloth after approximately 7-10 days, but it can be removed earlier by a steam iron. Available in WHITE OBLONG shape and packed 50 PIECES per box.